Courge Of Touchstone Pictures is Upcoming the Movie in November

Plot Edit

My Name is WALL-E they was a crew family and I was adopted a robot he was a great way at Sherry's house its wedding day but at farmer house he went one way or another day he is Hungry but the ms farmer needs help to animals but WALL-E,EVE & M-O Was Excited But the Journey Begins But at High School The Map Theaches Read Country Map And At Field Wild We Well Next Hill Come In Look at Wild Amimals See Him But He Runs Too Fast Before The Forest Of Night He Just a Moose at Night he's Tired to Even Play But Wall-E has Scared M-O Even Twice In Morning He Woked Up at Forest meanwhile at River But M.O Discovers the Log But Eve & Wall-E Has Suppurated When M.O Was Fall into Ground Of Grass But It's Too Late Now And Forever sad Story Eve talks on Wall-E at Night he Force him To Sad Music When You Have Rescue Meanwhile Daytime Eve Has Decided to Take Longer and Man Sees Birds But M.O Fail But he added that the government water and robot falls and at log cabin He Cleaned her but he extended to be wall-e has Been Sees Eve in water but the Mountain Lion Chases Eve Before the Lion falls down & He Dropped his water in Eve Great job and he returned from river field but story Wall-E,Eve & (m.o burps) He Leaches the porcupine trouble in wall-e face he is an trouble by the porcupine He go to vets fro Todd Lane Vets meanwhile m.o was Expected at Office He Escaped from Vets But Dogs Seems Cage but Eve the female robot chased m.o he was trounced run Wall-E don't die but he fix off to vet he was at surprise me if I was chase Wall-E saved on Eve I love you but fence stacked and he ran away yay and let's go home But Eve falls she have hurt but Wall-E Has A Lot Very Sad That I'm sorry Eve falls again She hurt again Wall-E falls into mud he don't lie down and how to say goodbye and sad Meanwhile Turkey cooked from oven but Susan l Wade And Friends at Her House And She Played a Outside Mike and Angel Join the Love but sherry,Reachel and Susan Fallow Along And Angel Calls and Mike Quiet In Outside She Talks At Grass and He Comes Along Return to Wall-E & Hug Him And Think From Daddy To Me & M.O Return & Kiss Him Again But Eve was Hurt by Mud Ground but it's sad. how I feel like I'm gone to don't worry and She Returned And Mommy Loved You and Go To the Thanksgiving Dinner But Wall-E Has Waited And There's Angel Said "Come On Guys Lets Go" And Wall-E Runs to Dinner At Sherry's House.

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